Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Excuses, excuses....

It looks like my New Year's resolution has already been broken! 

We had a bought of illnesses and by the time the first one ran through the family, the next one was on the door step!

I have been working on my class...but not as much as i should be! I booked my mid term and the final yesterday. 

I took a bit of hiatus from the built ins to give it a chance to stew in my head so i could formulate a plan of attack.  When that wasn't working too well, I just jumped in...my arms were flailing for a bit but then I figured it out (note: i only had to take it apart and reassemble 3 times!)  I am just about to finish up the second side.  Once i am done, i promise i will post some pictures.

I have also been doing a lot of pinning.  Yes, i went there - Pinterest!  (you can follow me: jenmccambridge) It has helped me come up with a million and one things to DIY!  So i will have a few more projects coming down the pipe!  Here is a teaser list:

- my dinning room chairs: they are being reupholstered!
- curtains: I *think* i have finally found some fabric for the family room...
- storage bins for the boys' toys:  I am going to attempt to sew up some canvas bins a la pottery barn
- storage cubes: also for the toys...yes they have a lot of toys and i feel like they are very disorganized!!

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