Monday, January 24, 2011

The Master Bath

I am not a fan of the master bath as it designed in our new house.

My 2 main reasons:
1) too much of the floor space is taken up by a massive corner tub. Neither me nor my husband are bath people. The massive tub we have right now has only been used once, by my son when I got the bright idea he should have a bath in there. It took about 20 mins for it to fill his usual amount of water (about 3”) and of course it was cold by the time he got in it. As well, the side of the tub is too high for me to reach over. It was not a pleasant experience for either of us.
2) We cant get a double vanity in there without upgrading the shower. We had sort of already planned on upgrading the shower but I don’t want the vanity to butt up against the expensive glass wall, it kind of defeats the purpose.

I have talked to a few people on the tub situation, because I feel like if I could solve that, it would make things easier. One main question was raised like: do you really need a tub? My rebuttle: Is it going to affect resale? Which got me thinking, do you really need a tub in an ensuite if you have a tub in another bathroom? Some said yes, some said no. We kicked around the idea of having one massive luxury shower with a couple of shower heads, and body sprays. We also thought about having a stand alone tub. Unfortunately I think a stand alone tub needs to be seen – it’s a thing of beauty after all. In the end there was no place in the bathroom we could logically put it for it to be seen.

In the end I went to our builder’s supplier and talked to one of the associates there. She was helpful in coming up with a plan maximize the space in the bathroom. I was also able to pick out a couple of options for the shower.

1) a Kalia base (which is a solid surface base that looks way nicer than its acrylic counter part) 2 custom glass walls and 2 tiled walls
2) the Camel/Tomlin Flow shower

The re-design is more of a reconfigure. We went with a smaller tub and switched the shower and vanity. Check it out:

We will now wait until we get pricing to make our decision. Although I am sure that we have already exceeded our budget for this room just in these changes alone. For fun, here is my order of preference*:

1) Bathroom reconfiguration with all standard options.
2) Double vanity
3) Awesome shower
4) Upgrade the tile
5) Upgrade the vanity colour

*Note: these are today’s preferences….LOL

Keep your fingers crossed for us!


  1. Wow - sounds cool! I'd love to know the price of that reconfiguration!
    But I agree - removing the tub would hurt resale.

  2. Looks great!
    Do you think the shower will be noisy for the person that's still trying to sleep (being on the bedroom wall)?

  3. In our current house its like that now. Its not bad at all. You can hear it, but with the door closed, it doesnt bother us at all!

  4. I wish I had really taken the time to think about space maximization for our house ... there are things I would definitely change!
    Bathroom 2.0 looks fantastic - I hope you get everything you REALLY want!!

  5. I like the new layout you picked Bennie!! I'm not a bath person at all either, but I agree that for resale it's not a bad idea just to have one in there. I love that it no longer takes up the whole room! Can't wait to see the house built!!!

  6. Cardel Jefferson 110August 2, 2011 at 9:57 AM

    Yeah that is much better, I agree with the waste of floor space...good thinking!