Sunday, February 27, 2011


As I write the word, I am still in disbelief. It has been quite a month! I will start at the beginning with the first piece of news…the house is SOLD!!! That’s right, come June 24th we will no longer own the little brown house. What is most interesting about this piece of news is that it wasn’t even for sale. That’s right. NOT.FOR.SALE. Not on grapevine, or with an agent, nowhere near being on the market. In fact, the day before all this came to light, I was preparing to blog about our stager and our staging process. (I will still do this; I just won’t have any insight as to whether or not it worked for us because we didn’t get that far in the process!)

So how does this happen? I give credit to the wonderful world of social networking. I frequent (and I use that term lightly as I have not been on in almost a month) a web site called It’s a resource for those building new construction homes in Canada. There is a message board specifically for those building homes in Ottawa and someone was asking questions about our area, and mentioned how they liked the same model as we have but didn’t like where the builder was currently building. So I piped in with my 2 cents – “Hey we are putting ours on the market in a couple of months, let me know if you would like more details” sure enough, they messaged me back almost immediately interested in our place. My son and i were going out of town that weekend (and Brian was sick) so we put off the viewing until the next weekend. And then it started: they came, they saw, we negotiated, we agreed, they inspected, and we’re sold! I make it sound a lot quicker and a lot less stressful - all that probably took a good and very busy month.

Oh yes and before I forget (haha – kidding) the second piece of news is…I am expecting!!! Our second baby is due August 14th (thank GOD its not anywhere near our closing date!) This is the other reason I have been delinquent with my postings – I’ve been absolutely exhausted (and sick but that’s another story).

The third bit of news relates to the new house’s master ensuite, but I will post that in another post!


  1. Congratulations Jen!! (on both counts!!)
    Very exciting 2011 ahread for you guys!!!