Friday, March 4, 2011

Master Bath Part II

I think I have kept anyone who is interested in suspense long enough. We got the pricing back for the master bathroom! Here is a break down….

1)Making the tub smaller and moving it to its new location $200
2)Shower with the Kalia base, custom glass on two walls and ceramic on 2 walls, moved to new location $4900
3)The Camil Tomlin Flow shower, moved to new location $2800
4)Standard shower with Klera doors, moved to new location $400
5)Double Vanity with bank of drawers $1200

We decided on….drum roll please….options 1, 2 and 5!!! YES I am getting the custom shower!!! I think the new bathroom is going to rock!! There is no way we could have redone the bathroom for $6300 after the fact so thank you builder for pricing it right!!

We are still working out the colour choices. I am not sure what route we want to go. I found a really nice white tile with a fine grey strip running through it – I was thinking that on the floor with a white tile on the tub surround, a brown/black or black coloured vanity with a white counter and then a dark charcoal colour on the walls of the shower. It sounds like a mish-mash though…

I think I should just go with this....

…hubby might object though!

I’ll keep you posted on the colour choices. If anyone has any advice, or pictures they want to share, let me know, i would love to see them for inspiration!!

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