Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do Magnets Stick to Your Pots?

Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers…oh my! This is my status on facebook tonight. At first it was supposed to be funny, kinda like lions, tigers and bears…oh my! But reading it over, it’s started to freak me out. When I picked appliances the first time it was no big deal – I found what I wanted and bought it. We had an appliance allowance from the builder (and an amazing friend) so it made things a little way less expensive. I was able to get a beautiful Jenn-Air fridge and fancy Jenn-air stove and an awesome GE Profile dishwasher. This time I have a budget, sort of. Practical me knows how much I want to spend but spendy me wants to triple it.

As an aside here, I took a interest inventory test at work and I got the results back this week. Culinary Arts is my second highest interest (first is taxes and accounting – I am going to be a cooking accountant!) I’d be investing in my interest if I got the super cool appliances – some people pick photography, others pick camping, me I pick my kitchen. Now I just have to convince Hubby of this!

I am like a crack addict when I go to an appliance store and I am sure the sales people see me coming. The sales guy starts in on the amazing benefits of an induction cook top. How it cooks like gas with even and immediate heat but is electric; how it’s cool to the touch (awesome if you have kids you know!) And on and on. Practical me says: but won’t I have to get special pots?(meanwhile spendy me says pots smots, you could use a new set!!) Oh no he replys, if magnets stick to your old pots, you won’t have a problem. So the first thing I do when I get home? Run to the cupboard and pull out a pot to see if a magnet will stick – NO it doesn’t. Looks like I will have buy new pots! Looks like we aren’t getting an induction range.

I am hoping that appliance wholesaler that the builder works with will come through with some good deals but I am not holding my breath!

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