Friday, April 1, 2011

One step forward, one step back

I am sad to report that we will not be getting a wall oven :( I had the kitchen place make a sketch for me (ok they didnt really make it for me - i am sure they had it on file...) and our kitchen is just not a wall oven type. At least for now. Yep that's right, i am already planning my 5 year 20 year reno plan. I want to delete the wall in the kitchen which is a load bearing wall, put in a new beam and open it up to the family room. I want to then extend the kitchen into the eating area and add a great big island. Ahh dreaming is so much fun!

In the end, its fine that the kitchen is not a wall oven type - i hear they make induction ranges, so i may still be able to get my new pots!

Our ensuite is coming along nicely, interms of colours. We have picked out this week's colour options - which i think are the ones that are going to stick!

This is my inspiration picture:

Here is what we went with:

Cupboards: Ebony in the flat pannel door (its about $400 to do the upgrade, but i love the rich colour of this stain)
Floor: is a marble looking tile
Shower: We are having a few options costed out for us. They all revolve around an 8x20 rectangle tile in "white". The first is to have 3 bands of an accent tile (its mini rectangles in mother of pearl, glass and marble). The second is to have 3 bands of an all glass mosaic tile in shades of grey. The third, my budget choice is to have the 8x20 rectangle done in a brick pattern. As usual, we will wait to see how the pricing goes...
Tub deck and wall: we chose a white tile with a bit of a shiney streak running through it and for the wall, it will be the 8x20 rectangle with hopefully a band of the accent tile running through it.

Here is a picture of our selections:

Top to Bottom:
1) L: Mother of Pearl, Glass and Marble
R: Bliss Glass Mosaic (Midnight)
2)L: 8 x20 white shower wall tile
R: Counter Top Rock of Ages
3) L: Tub Deck and Skirt
R: Cupboard Birch in Ebony
4) Floor Tile

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