Friday, March 4, 2011

Architectural Upgrades

Here is a list of the other upgrades we are going with…

1)Fully insulating the garage
2)Moving the basement window from the back of the house to the left side
3)Adding a side door to the mudroom
4)Moved the dishwasher to beside the sink
5)Sound proofing the laundry room
6)Switched up the laundry room and added extra space to the walk-in closet

Here is what its going to look like:

The only one thing I am now thinking about it that there is a lot of doors in that one section of the hall as our master has double doors that will be to the right of the laundry. Hubs and I figure if it is too doory we can always switch up the master after the fact – closing in the sides and making one wider door. I guess we will see in 8 months!

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