Monday, May 23, 2011

I am going to need some new shoes...

I am cluster blogging today. Sorry….I have lots to share but I am just not sure where the time goes….

Our builder has this thing on their website called a customer portal. You enter in your lot number and subdivision and up pops a status on your house. Since the day we got the email from the builder to say our permit has been picked up, I have been madly checking it on a daily basis (ok maybe a little more frequently then that…) to see that little green check mark next to the building permit pick up. It’s funny, because I already knew that the permit had been picked up, but I just wanted the affirmation that little green checkmark brings…

Well, last Friday it finally happened. The green checkmark was there!! And not only next to the building permit pick up, but there was a second one next to foundation started as well. WHAT?!?! HOLD THE PHONE. Building permit and foundation?!?! At the same time??? Nooooo that can’t be right – its too soon!! According to the purchase agreement, they don’t need to start until closer to the end of May. Nope. It’s a mistake. I showed Hubby and he confirms it, the green check mark is wrong….

Unfortunately this little tidbit of news caught us with our pants down, and we already had a fully booked weekend that did not include a drive out to see the lot. So I waited patiently until Wednesday evening when we could drive out there and confirm that it was indeed a mistake.

As we drove down our new street, and pull up over the bridge (about 75m from our place), we see a large pile of dirt, still doubtful (and probably trying to prepare me for the worst) Hubs turns to me and says: “See its not ours, it our neighbours, they did make a mistake” As we keep driving slowly, we pass lot 22, 21, and then we see it. The footings are in at lot 20!!!!! OMG!!! It’s true…they REALLY have started!

In all my glory, I jump out of the car to start taking pictures which I hope you enjoy because I had to sacrifice a good pair of shoes to get them.



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