Saturday, June 4, 2011

Construction Process - Week 3 (hopefully only 23 more to go...)

This week, we signed off on our colour choices – I will have to post some pics later as I had everything pulled and put back so efficiently that I forgot to take pictures. We went with black, whites and greys. I think it’s going to look really clean. This is good incentive to keep the house clean too!

I am super excited as I have already begun to think about how to decorate. We inherited a great pair of vases from one of Hubby's Aunts. I am loving the colours in them so i figure i will use it as inspiration for the colour scheme of the main level.

My inspiration vase:

Some fabrics I LOVE:

I have also started a list of projects I’d like to complete for the new place (as if having a baby wasn’t enough!) My Grandma gave me an awesome antique chair that I am going to paint and recover. The plan is to paint the wood white and then find some kind of dark grey print or lush charcoal velvet to cover it with. I picture silver nail heads in there somewhere. I hear the city offers some great upholstery classes so it will be my project!

Here’s a before of the chair:

This is what i hope the chair will become:

This is my dream bed(room):

I have thought of making one like it, but I am not sure that is project I want to tackle. And I have priced out the foam and some fabric and I think in the long run, it might just be less expensive to buy the bed as it is. Hubs likes it too so I think we may just treat ourselves and get it as our anniversary present! I love the look of the room in the picture too, although I don’t think the mirrored side tables are going to work with little ones running around - finger print magnet!! I think we will definitely put some wall paper up on the wall behind our bed as an accent. I am going to wait until we move in to get a “feel” for what I like.

I am still on the hunt for the “perfect” coffee table that I can turn into an ottoman. I am finding out this is no easy task. I am looking for something square, that isn’t going to break the bank (like I am thinking under $40) and it has to have nice looking legs. We are thinking of getting a sectional for the family room so I want something to sit in front that can accommodate feet, and a tray for drinks and snacks (hopefully not at the same time!).

My last thought is on what to do in the eating area. I am thinking of building a banquet to go either along the wall (which I guess would be more like a bench with lots of pillows) or an L shaped one that would go along the breakfast bar (we would kind of block off the breakfast bar) and down the wall. I already have the table (I am going to get my mom and dad’s kitchen table) so its just a matter of figuring out how to build it – whether its from scratch or if I buy some cabinetry from Ikea or something like that. Again, I think that project will have to wait until we are in the house to figure out.

So much to think about…I should really be thinking about packing since the POD arrives in a couple of weeks…oh yes, but this is so much more fun!!

Here are some recent pictures of the house (taken May 28th):

Oh yes, and i forgot to mention this project. I am going to try to take pictures of the trucks that are frequent visitors to our contruction site and blow them up to frame for the boys' rooms. Here's the first one:


  1. Mighty Machines - great idea! LOVE the chair. There's a thrift store near me that has wooden square end tables that might work for your ottoman. They've been there for a while but I can't remember what the legs look like. I'll have to snap a pic next time I go.
    I love how much thought you poor into all of this decorating. I could use some tips for sure ;)

  2. Thanks Jo! I have been looking on UsedOttawa and Kijiji and if we pass a thrift store i will pop in. I think the trouble is that i am looking for 1 large square (36"x36" or so).
    I was reading your blog last night and saw the buffet and lamps! Looks good!!