Sunday, June 12, 2011

Construction Process - Week 4 to 7.5 - amazing what can get done in such a short time!

It as been a busy time since my last post! We are all moved into my parents house and slowly figuring out how our daily lives in the west end are going to work...
We have been visiting the house on a weekly basis and there has been so much progress its crazy!! So here is a recap of the last few weeks:

Week 4 (22 more to go!)
Last week was pretty uneventful. There were only a few beams on the foundation (pics to follow) Forgive me construction workers if this is a significant amount of work - to me, it doesn't look like much. It drives me nuts when someone thinks a sewing project doesn't look like much and expects me to get a 4 hour project done in 1!

Week 5 (21 more to go!)
We had a deja-vue moment - we are driving down our street and as we get to the bridge, Hubby says: "Is that our house?" My reply: "No, that's the neigh....holy sh!* that is our house!!!" We realize this conversation is going to starting the same each week from now until there is no visible change on the outside of the house - LOL.

Like the title says, what a difference a week makes! The first and second floors are up!

Week 6 (20 more to go)
This week, the roof is up and it is actually starting to look like a house! We are really excited and have already started to plan out our backyard. A nice big deck, play structure for the kiddies and i am still holding out hope for a swimming pool.

Week 7 (19 more to go)
We are officially moved out to Kanata! We closed on the old house Friday and went to visit the new place that afternoon. Pleasantly surprised to see the roof is now shingled!! It looks awesome! Now that i don't have the move to worry about, i am starting to worry that they might book our pre-drywall walk through on August 10th at 9am (the same day and time as Baby G will be born -). It will be just my luck. I worried about the same thing the first time around with the semi - and sure enough L came late enough that our PDI was on the day after he was born so Hubs went with my dad and brought back pictures for me to see. Wonderful....

Week 7 and 3 days (18 and a half weeks to go!)
Yep, living in Kanata has reduced us to house stalkers. I am not sure why we even went, as one would think nothing would happen over the weekend and what can they do in one day?? Well, lots apparently - all the windows except the master bedroom room window was in AND we had doors - all except the garage doors.

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