Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jonesing for a DIY...

OMG. Since we have moved out of our house, I have had to put any projects on the back burner. Not that I can’t do any, its more just that I’d much prefer waiting until we move in to figure what exactly it is that we need….ok that and my Dr told me to chill out a little and not be doing so much. What does he know anyway?!?!?

I got an email today from a sewing company out in BC that has all kinds of really cool sewing supplies – www.agreatnotion.com . In her blog, she has a weekly feature about a tip, trick or gadget that helps to make a sewer’s life easier. Well today’s was about a bobbin holder and organizer. Yes, something so simple has got my insides in a twist, eagerly awaiting one of my next DIY projects. See, this bobbin holder started me thinking about how to organize my bobbins, which then turned into how to organize my thread, then my fabric stash (or as my hubby calls it my fabric hoard) then where to put my machines, and then finally how to set up my cutting table….ok maybe not finally because then I got thinking flooring, walls and lighting. Ohhh I am so excited!!

Don’t get me wrong, I had a great little room in the semi, but this one is going to be 10 times better!! The old one was in the low headroom space under the stairs and with equipment like I have it was a little cramped. I am expanding a bit lot in the new place and I will have 8 foot ceilings which I am sure will make a big difference.

I emailed the builder about our frame walk and they have to confirm, but it looks like it will be the first week in August. Rest assured I will be bringing my tape measure to measure the space and find out exactly where my dedicated plugs are so I can draw up a floor plan.

Only 115 days to go…

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