Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week 11 (15 to go!) The Boys' Rooms

I have been thinking about how to paint L & G’s rooms. I know that I will probably start with Liam’s room as I would like to get it done before we move in if possible. I know that G won’t mind especially since we are thinking of putting him what is going to be eventually be the guest room until he can sleep through the night.

L’s Room

L will be 2 in August. He has typical little boy interests – trucks, cars, trucks, trains, trucks, tractors…did I mention trucks? If there is one to be seen, he will let us know and not generically either – by name!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been taking pictures of the contruction trucks in that are working on our house. I want to print them off and put them in picture frames for his room. I know he will get a kick out of that!

That said, I came across this picture the other night:

While teddy bears might be a little young for his taste, it got my wheels turning. What if I do something similar but with a giant truck like a dump truck or an excavator. But how on earth am I going to get it on the wall? Glad you asked! I have 2 ideas:

1) I am going to find a line art picture of the chosen truck. Print it off on a plastic transparency and then find a projector to project it on the wall. I will then get a pencil or chalk (I think chalk might work better because it will come off easier) and trace it out and then paint it.

2) I am going to find a line art picture of the chose truck and see if I can find someone to cut it out of vinyl for me. This would make it like a giant sticker.

Both options have their pros and cons. Option 1 is cheap. I can get a quart of paint for $25. The con? It’s a lot of work and I am not sure I can make the lines straight and even enough for my perfectionist self. Option 2 is probably more expensive but it would quicker and easier. I will do a bit of research on this one as I am not sure it the vinyl can be removed easily without damaging the walls. I am thinking of sign vinyl, but maybe there is a lower tack version that will stand up to a toddler.

As for colours, I am not entirely sure just yet – preliminary instinct is to go subtle with a grey as a base colour and then a really bright colour like red or yellow for the truck. Or maybe a dull blue colour as the wall colour with a bright blue or bright green for the truck. I guess the final decision will be made with whatever bedding I decide on.

G’s Room

G will only be 3 months when we move into our new place. And as I mentioned, I think he will be sleeping in the future guest room which will give me some time to get his room set up. And I fully intend on using the time I have to do this:

Yep! Argyle. I LOVE argyle. Immediately I think of a grey room with red and charcoal or blue and orange. I probably won’t make the final decision until I see how much light comes into the room.

Again, I am picturing 2 options

1) I will do one accent wall and then a solid colour on the rest of the walls.

2) I will pick a corner and make an accent corner with a chair for when we read our bedtime stories.

I am not really sold on option 2 because I can only sort of picture it. I will have to sort this one out a little further in my head.

Given the amount of time I have to think about this, I will probably change my mind another 3 times between now and when we move!! I am interested in seeing how these ideas evolve.

What else is new?

We stopped by the house tonight and the brick is all done. We went early in the afternoon and there were still a lot of trucks around so we didn’t get to do much investigating. L is always asking about the new house so maybe we will stop in on Friday after we pick him up from daycare.

We also got a call from the builder and they are thinking the frame walk will be sometime before the 1st of August – which is next week! We are thrilled!!

Its birthday central around here this week – my dad, Hubs and my nephew are all born within 2 days of each other. I was looking back on the DIY on the road post where we did R’s nursery. I can’t believe that was just last year! Happy Birthday everyone!!

We got Hubs a flip for his b-day so I imagine, I will be able to start to post some videos instead of just pictures. Yay! I promise they won’t be long and boring ones…

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  1. Cardel Jefferson 110August 2, 2011 at 9:54 AM

    Just came accross your blog, it's beautiful, everything is beautiful. I love the bedroom choices for your boys and the ideas are great! Can't wait to see it when it's complete. Keep posting you have a follower :)