Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 13 (13 weeks left!) - The Halfway point!

This Friday will mark our half way point - 13 weeks in and 13 weeks until we move!

We kicked off this week with our framewalk. I contacted the builder a couple of weeks ago begging to have it before (or after) the baby came. We were very fortunate that they could take us this week! The site supervisor, said that if we hadn't had it done this week, it would have been next Wednesday. Do I know my luck or what?!?! Anyway, everything looked great! There were only 3 minor things that were addressed, one of them was the tile in the master bathroom - but more about that later.

Check out our new house!!

The front door:

The powder room:

The mudroom with the upgraded side door:

The office:

The stairs:

The dining room:

The kitchen

The eating area:

The family room with framing above the Fireplace for our TV:

The upstairs hall (we rearranged the laundry room to add extra space to the walk-in. Here is a link to my previous post with the floorplan):

The laundry room (new washer location):

The laundry room (new dryer location):

The master walk in (now about 8 feet long by almost 7 feet wide):

The master bedroom window (that's not our tub):

The master bathroom (new tub and double vanity location. Here is a link to my previous post with the details of what we changed - my drawing is the reverse of what we have):

As i mentioned before, there is a bit of an issue with the tiles - originally i wanted 2 rows of the 8x20 and then 4" of the mosaic. However, because of the position of the window, we had to reduce it to 1 row of the 8x20 and 4" of the mosaic. I am anxious to see what this will look like!

The master bathroom toilet location:

The master bathroom (new shower location):

There are still 3 other bedrooms and the main bath - but my pictures didnt turn out.

So that's our new house! The site super mentioned that they were going to start on the drywall next week and the siding soon after (they need to backfill our neighbours place before they can start that). We are on track to close for the 4th of November and the next time we get to go inside is for our pre-delivery inspection.

This will probably be my last post for a couple of weeks because next week, our new addition arrives! I can't wait to meet the little guy!!


  1. Great shots Jenn. You must be very excited.

  2. Yay looks great! Can't wait (for both events!)

  3. Looks so awesome - LOVE the staircase!!