Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Only 59 days left!!

Tomorrow it will have been 4 weeks since baby G was born!  I have been busy "being a mom" so I haven't gotten out to the see the house as often as i would like!  Lots is new with the house though...

3 weeks ago, we got an email that one of our tiles got discontinued.  It was the floor tile in the main bath and since I didn't take any pictures of our design center choices, I had NO idea what we had chosen.  LOL gotta love mommy brain!  Anyway, it was a painless re-selection - we chose the second tile we pulled! While we were at the DC i quickly pulled all of our choices and took pictures.  Unfortunately, in my rush, i took them at weird angles so i haven't had the chance to go through and fix them up!  Soon though...

2 weeks ago, we got the email for the Home Owners seminar.  It's a course our builder offers to go through the final stages of the building process and possession.  We really wanted to attend as they did not offer this seminar when we bought our semi.  HOWEVER, this weekend, i was looking through the calendar (i am still disorganized from the move) and we have Pearl Jam tickets for the same night.  At first, I figured we could divide and conquer, but I lost the coin toss and I would be the one to go to the seminar so now i am re-evaluating that plan! (jk Hubs) 

Last week they started putting the siding up.  I can't believe how much its starting to look like the picture!! 

Last night we had a scary moment when we found out that a house in our phase was on fire.  Through the graces of social media we found out that it wasn't our place but that of one of our new neighbours. Sadly their house is gone and only a couple weeks before they were to take possession.  I can't even begin to imagine being in their shoes. Our hearts go out to them.
Here is the story that was on the news tonight (you can see our house from minute 1:27 to 1:29 - the guys are out working on the siding.)

I am having a "slow" day today so i have been able to catch up on my internet surfing.  I found the perfect bedding set for L's room.  Thank you to o.co !! (aka overstock.com).  Its a quilt set with construction trucks - matching the theme for his room perfectly.  YAY!!

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