Sunday, September 25, 2011

40 days!!

With only 40 days left, we paid a little visit to the house today.  The siding is all done!  It looks like a real house now.

From the street, we could see in the master bathroom and we could faintly see the tiles in our shower.  From what i could see, it looks really good!!  After seeing that - we took a quick look in the front windows and the tiles in the foyer are in too!  From there I took a quick look in the dining room windows and saw that the kitchen is in!!  So from there I just had to run around to the back patio door so I could take a quick look in the window and saw our KITCHEN!!!  The floor is in, the cupboards are in and the counters are in.  IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!  I can't believe I get to live there!! Ohh man...only 40 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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