Saturday, September 24, 2011

I want Bill's house...

By Bill i mean Bill Compton from True Blood.  I have been very envious of his house this season.  I was shocked to see it re-done at the beginning of the season (a product of his becoming the Vampire King for Louisiana) as it was rather run down and decrepit previously.

Its an old Plantation House that has been restored.  Here is a few pictures so you can see what i am talking about:

This is the living room:

This is the study:

You can find more pictures here.

 I love that the colours are all very dark, the charcoal and black combination is awesome!!  If our house was under studio lights all the time, this is how I would decorate it!

As I sit here and analyze these pictures, I am also thinking about my trip to the fabric store to pick out a fabric to cover my chair its all coming clear to me: I am finally understanding my style.   I am colour-phobic.  By colour i mean red, yellow, blue, green, purple etc... I like the stable and safe neutrals - black, grey and beige.  The lady at the fabric store kept trying to steer me to a vibrant coloured fabric and a panic sort of came over me and i would immediately revert back to the neutral fabric i had picked out.  I wouldn't know what to do with colour.  99% of my furniture is white, black, or grey and the 1% that isn't, i am planning out how to make it so.  I have a desperate need to be stable, and i think these colour tones make me feel secure in that i know i won't have to change them every few months to keep up with colour trends.  WOW talk about epiphany here...

I made that idea post a few months back and I pull it out to refer to but I can never make the commitment.  This is probably why - deep down I am scared to.  So I think my challenge for the new house is going to be adding a colour other than a neutral. 

I have so much to think about now!!

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  1. I tend to go towards the more 'classic' colours too (for the most part anyway). It's just too pricey to change everything up if you get tired of the colour.
    I've been trying to bring in colour too - I recently painted my dining room a smoky BLUE!! I'm happy with the result but know that it's not a big deal to repaint that small room when the time comes.
    I've also brought colour into my bathrooms - they are small rooms that aren't a big deal to repaint!! The accessories are minimal too.
    I've kept the main rooms fairly neutral but I'm hoping to pick a fun colour for my sewing room - it's my own space and I want to have fun with it.
    I share your 'fear' of colour but consider myself more frugal than fearful ;)