Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week 10 (16 weeks and counting!!)

Lots is new today!!

1) We went by the house and there was a pile of bricks out front! It was a pretty small pile, but looking at the elevation, it seems to be about right. We didn't get out to take a peek in the windows because of the rain, but it doesn't look like there was much done on the outside anyway. That said, in my head, i am imagining that the plumbing is done and the electrical too.

Here is a picture from this past Friday (week 10 & 3 days):

2) We got the final numbers on the pricing for the house! Good news! It worked out to be less than my calculations!! YAY! We actually came in under budget for once. One small victory...

3) I talked to the sales office and our frame walk is hopefully going to be booked the first week of August. The construction manager is on holidays until Monday so that's when we will find out for sure. BUT they said they would try to work with us on the date so it doesn't get booked during my hospital stay. I can rest least until Monday!

4) I had my last ultrasound today and the Dr said Baby G is looking perfect and i am doing well (aside from the usual pregnancy fun stuff). So I don't have to go back to see him for 3 weeks. It kind of hit me when he said that because i go back in 3 weeks and then a week after that, G will be welcomed to the world!

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