Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A bit more about me...

Originally I am from Ottawa. I moved out to Vancouver when I was 18 to become a fashion designer (that’s what I told everyone because I was embarrassed to tell them that I had really met a guy online and I was moving out there to be closer to him – it just sounded better as back then internet dating hadn’t really taken off yet).

I had a solid plan of becoming a world renowned Designer by the time I was 30. Then life happened. I broke up with the guy, and stayed in Vancouver where looking back I held some really interesting jobs that has shaped my current career path.

I got my first job, fresh out of school, as an assistant buyer for a local home decor chain of stores. I managed to fool them into hiring me with absolutely no experience. Later when talking to my boss, he said it was my attitude that sold him. He said I came in with a determination to succeed and willingness to learn. Who knew that was all you needed! Although I didn’t know it at the time, it was in this position that I met my future husband.

From there I moved on to another locally owned bedding retailer. They had more of a focus on design as they manufactured and sold their own line duvets, pillows and fashion bedding. It was a little more up my alley. I gained a wealth of experience working with the owner, choosing the next hottest prints and colour trends. I had a blast! And probably would have stayed if I hadn’t of gotten a phone call from home about my dream job.

In high school I did a co-op with a wedding gown designer and manufacturer. My old boss called me to tell me they had a position open in purchasing. I would be their buyer of raw materials. I accepted and happily moved home! I moved my way up within the company until I had my real dream job – production manager. I got to work with the most expensive silks and laces, helping out with construction issues and using all of my previously learned experience, I did the job very well. Unfortunately with the economic downturn (but more so because of a crazy owner) the company went bankrupt and I found myself out of work. This was a hard blow for me as I said it was a dream job and to watch it all crumble hurt immensely. It took me a while to pick myself up and move on…

Currently I do what about 80% of Ottawa residents do, work for the government. It’s a job that is WAY beneath my experience level, but I love the people I work with and the department I am in. It allows me the freedom to focus on other important areas of my life, like my DIY habit.

Jumping back a bit, when I moved back to Ottawa, I found out that an old coworker from Vancouver had also moved back to the city. We met for dinner one July night to catch up and we haven’t left each other’s side since. 18 months later, he proposed, 11 months after that we got married, 6 months later that we bought our first home, 2 years later we had a baby and 10 days after that moved into our first home! Its been a busy 5 years.

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